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Toothy Questions: Could Braces Give You Bad Breath?

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It’s totally normal to have concerns before you start your teeth realignment treatment. Some people worry about discomfort or inconvenience. Some people worry about how their new braces will look. And some people worry about how their new braces will make them smell.

You might’ve heard that braces can give you bad breath. The reality isn’t quite as straight forward as this. Allow us to explain.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by certain bacteria in your mouth. If this bacteria is allowed to hang around for too long it can cause bad breath, also known as halitosis. 

Why could this be more likely to happen if you have a brace?

When you have a brace there are more surfaces in your mouth for bad-breath-causing bacteria to cling to. This is true whether you have a fixed brace or a removable brace. 

It can also be a bit trickier to maintain good dental hygiene when you have a brace. This could mean bacteria isn’t effectively brushed away when you brush your teeth, which is another reason you could experience bad breath. 

What can you do to prevent it?

Luckily, this problem can be very easily avoided! 

  1. Make sure you spend extra time brushing your teeth and pay careful attention to working around the brackets of a fixed brace. If you wear a removable brace, make sure you thoroughly clean that every day too.
  2. Brush more regularly. If you find you are experiencing bad breath, increasing the amount of times you brush per day can make a big difference. Pay extra attention to gums and the roof of your mouth, as these can be key breeding grounds for bacteria. 
  3. Use mouthwash after meals. Mealtimes are a key time for bacteria to arrive in your mouth. Using mouthwash straight after eating could help to avoid anything being left behind.

Are you concerned about maintaining great dental hygiene when you have a brace? Here’s some advice on how to keep your fixed brace clean