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How to Keep Your Aligner Clean

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There are numerous points in your teeth realignment treatment where you might have an aligner or retainer. You may have chosen an orthodontic programme that uses a series of clear aligners, such as Invisalign, or you may have had a more traditional fixed brace but be following up with a retainer during the aftercare period. 

Either way, in order to get the best possible experience from your aligner or retainer, you’ll need to do everything you can to keep it clean and ship shape. 

One of the great things about this type of aligner is that you remove it before eating or drinking. Though this does help to keep your aligner clean, it’s not enough on its own. If you don’t clean your aligner regularly, bacteria will build up in your aligner and it may become discoloured.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Rinse your aligners each time you take them out. This simple step will help to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Brush your aligners gently with a soft toothbrush… but don’t use toothpaste! Brushing your aligner can help to make sure that nothing has got stuck in the gaps. Make sure you do brush gently though, as vigorous brushing may cause damage.
  • Use dedicated aligner soak. Dropping your aligner into a cup filled with aligner soak is a good habit to get into. 
  • Gentle antibacterial soap can be helpful… but make sure it’s clear! If you use coloured soaps on your aligner, you may find that it starts to change colour!
  • Make sure your teeth are clean. A good brushing and flossing routine will help to keep your aligner clean too.

A gentle aligner cleaning routine will help to keep your aligner or retainer in great condition, which is great news for you and your teeth.

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