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Toothy Questions: How Important is Follow Up Care?

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Specialist orthodontic treatment can create very impressive results. To get the best from those results, your orthodontist will recommend follow up care.

Immediate follow up care

Immediately after your braces are taken off, your orthodontist may choose to show you some images or scans of your teeth to show just how much your teeth have improved during the treatment. This can be a great way of seeing how far you and your teeth have come!

During this period you will visit your usual dentist, but when your braces are removed we will perform a cleaning of your teeth to address any plaque build-up that may have occurred. After this you will see your dentist as usual, with your brand new smile!

Long term follow up care

Once your brace is off, your orthodontist will have you fitted for a retainer. This is a high quality plastic mould in the exact alignment of your teeth. You will need to wear this as advised by your orthodontist. The retainer will make sure your teeth stay where they are and don’t gradually slip out of position.

You will generally need to wear your retainer every day at first. Over time, you will be able to start just wearing it at night. 

Your orthodontist will almost certainly advise you to continue wearing your retainer long term, though you will be able to wear it less regularly as time goes on. It is really important to follow this advice. 

If you don’t wear your retainer as your orthodontist has advised, or if you lose or break your retainer, you may find that your teeth start to drift out of alignment. This can be very frustrating and disappointing, especially after putting in so much work during your treatment.

You can read more about post-treatment retainers here.