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When Could You Start Your Orthodontic Treatment?

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If you’ve spent time making a big decision, you’ll be keen to get those life changing steps in motion. Whether you’ve decided to work towards a new career, move to a new home or undergo teeth realignment treatment; you probably won’t want to wait! 

We completely understand this, especially when it comes to teeth realignment treatment. When you’ve felt unhappy with your smile for a long time, you’ll want to start making a change as soon as possible. 

The great news here is that there’s very little reason to wait. After all, the sooner you start the sooner you’ll get to enjoy the stunning results! Our specialist orthodontists completely understand this and will do everything they can to get things moving as quickly as possible.

What about NHS treatment for children and young people?

If you’re eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment, you’ll have much less control over how quickly you can start. All NHS orthodontist practices have a quota of how many NHS patients they can treat per year. Unfortunately, this is likely to mean that NHS orthodontic patients will have to be on a waiting list for some time before they start treatment.

Do private orthodontic patients have to join a waiting list?

If you’re not eligible for NHS treatment, or if you are but decide to go private anyway, you will not be subject to a waiting list. This means that there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t decide exactly when to go ahead with your orthodontic treatment.

You may want to get started straight away, you may want to time things so that your treatment will be finished in time for an important event, or you may want to delay your treatment until after a key milestone such as a wedding, graduation or pregnancy.

If you’d like to talk to us about when you could start orthodontic treatment, get in touch. We’re always on hand to talk through your options.