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What Musicians Need to Know About Orthodontic Treatment

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Deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment is a big decision for anyone. If you play a wind or brass instrument it may feel particularly difficult. 

When you play a wind or brass instrument, you’re reliant on the many tiny muscles in your face and lips. The lips and teeth are also involved, so there is a chance that a brace could affect your ability to play.

Should you be concerned about this?

Generally speaking, more experienced musicians are more likely to have a problem with a brace than less experienced musicians. This is because the difference a brace may make to your playing is very subtle, and is unlikely to make much of an impact on beginner or intermediate musicians. 

If you are an accomplished or professional musician, we recommend that you speak to your orthodontist about this before you decide on a treatment programme. 

Is a removable brace best for musicians?

If you’re concerned about a brace affecting your ability to practice or perform, you may think that a removable brace is the best option. This can be a good choice as it means you would be able to remove your brace to play, but this could cause other issues. 

Depending on how many hours a day you play your instrument, removing your aligner during this time could slow down your treatment.

What about fixed braces?

Though fixed braces might be harder for musicians to get used to, you will naturally adapt your playing over a few weeks to a month to account for it. After this period of time, you’re unlikely to notice any difference in your ability to play.

We recommend timing this period carefully to make sure it doesn’t overlap with any important performances or musical exams. 

Do you need to know more about choosing an orthodontic programme?

If you want to undergo teeth realignment without affecting your ability to play, the best thing you can do is have a chat with a specialist orthodontist. 

Our team of expert orthodontists will be able to offer you personalised advice on how to navigate realignment without significantly affecting your performance.