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5 Big Benefits of Ceramic Brackets

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We are thrilled to be able to offer our patients so many orthodontic options. Though removable braces are growing in popularity, many people still prefer the advantages offered by fixed braces.

Today’s fixed braces aren’t limited to just the ‘train track’ style contraptions you’re probably thinking of. There are a whole range of ways to make wearing a fixed brace more comfortable and less visible.

Ceramic brackets are a great option here. They are made primarily of transparent ceramic, which means they’re far more discreet than traditional fixed braces.

Here are five big benefits of choosing ceramic brackets.

1. They’re subtle

Ceramic brackets are an ideal option if you want the benefits of a traditional fixed brace without the eye catching metal. The ceramic brackets themselves are clear. They can also be paired with coloured arch wires in off-white or pale pink, which makes them very discreet.

2. They’re kinder to teeth enamel

Standard metal brackets can sometimes be tough on teeth enamel. Ceramic brackets are specially formulated to be gentle on teeth enamel and not demineralise it. This doesn’t mean they’re not as secure though! They’re paired with a carefully developed bonding agent which will hold them firmly in place while making only minimal changes to your teeth enamel.

3. Your dentist will be able to remove them easily

Speaking of the carefully developed bonding agent… your orthodontist will be able to remove it very easily. The ceramic brackets will come off cleanly without leaving any damage behind.

4. They’re more comfortable

Ceramic brackets are smaller than traditional metal ones. They’re also far less likely to cause irritation to your gums. This makes them much more comfortable to wear.

5. They’re stain resistant

When clear brackets were first introduced in the 1980s, they were made of plastic and stained very easily. Modern ceramic brackets are much more stain resistant. So long as you maintain good dental hygiene, your ceramic brackets should stay looking great throughout your treatment.

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