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Four Brace Friendly Festive Party Treats

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It’s Christmas party season and there are some absolutely glorious treats on offer. Though we should all think of our dental health before we over-indulge… showing restraint is particularly important for those wearing a traditional fixed brace.

Certain festive treats can be bad news for brace wearers. Hard or sticky treats such as gingerbread, fudge, candy canes, hard chocolate, nuts and popcorn all run the risk of causing damage to braces.

Instead, our advice is to stick to softer festive treats that don’t need to come with a risk label! Below are four brace friendly festive party treats. Just remember to enjoy them in moderation.

Hot chocolate

What’s more festive than a hot chocolate with all the trimmings… especially with included peppermint extract? This is an excellent winter warmer. Even better? There’s no risk of damage to your brace!


Whether you’re enjoying marshmallows as a hot chocolate topping or as a separate treat entirely, they’re a good choice for a brace-friendly treat. They’re soft and not too sticky, which means they’re not likely to get stuck behind the brackets and wires of your brace. Take a look at this marshmallow snowman recipe for inspiration; just watch out for the toppings you’re putting on them.

Christmas cake

Christmas cake is a traditional treat we bet you won’t want to miss out on. There are two potential risk factors for brace wearers, but with a little extra awareness you can usually avoid these. First, make sure the marzipan icing isn’t too hard before you bite into it. You’ll also want to be wary of the fruit filling getting stuck, so make sure you brush your teeth carefully afterwards!

Soft Christmas biscuits

Christmas biscuits are a traditional treat that you probably remember well from childhood. You won’t need to avoid these completely during your orthodontic treatment, but we do recommend opting for biscuits that are a little on the softer side. It’s also wise to avoid those with hard sprinkles and edible silver balls.

Do you have any more suggestions for brace-friendly Christmas treats? We’d love to hear them! You can share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.