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A Guide to Essix Retainers

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There are a whole variety of types of braces to choose from. Some may be right for your particular alignment issues, while others won’t be. Some will be a great fit for your lifestyle, while others won’t work quite so seamlessly for you. Some might be great during a later stage of your treatment, but won’t offer you what you need right now.

What is an Essix retainer?

An Essix Retainer is a kind of removable retainer that is made of thin see-though plastic. It is made by vacuum forming a specialist plastic to a mould of your teeth.

This mould can either be as your teeth currently are (for example, if the retainer is going to be used in the late stages of orthodontic treatment in order to encourage your teeth to stay in position) or with a slight preferable shift (if this type of retainer is being used in place of traditional fixed braces throughout your treatment programme).

Essix retainers are often given to patients to wear at night after the removal of a fixed brace. This helps to keep teeth securely in their new position.

What are the benefits of an Essix retainer?

The benefits of this type of retainer is that it is far less obvious or visible than more traditional fixed retainers. It can also be taken out to eat, drink certain drinks, and to maintain good dental hygiene.

Is this the right option for you?

Confused about the many types of braces that are available? Luckily, you don’t have to make any orthodontic decisions on your own.

Your local Specialist Orthodontic Group practice are on hand to offer a personalised consultation on which type of brace is the best fit for you. Here’s how to find your closest practice.