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Mouth Cancer Action Month

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November is a key month in the dental and orthodontic calendar as it’s Mouth Cancer Action Month. We believe this is an important issue to highlight as mouth cancer can be a devastating disease and most people don’t know how to spot the signs.

It’s really important to be able to catch mouth cancer early. When it’s caught early enough, nine out of ten people will recover from mouth cancer.

Often orthodontists and dentists are often to spot some of the signs during routine appointments and check ups, but it’s also important to be vigilant yourself.

How should you check for symptoms?

Symptoms of mouth cancer can appear anywhere in the mouth; so do look out for anything unusual. It’s recommended that you regularly check your mouth for any changes or developments.

These regular checks should include your gums, your tongue, your cheeks, your lips, the roof of your mouth and the floor of your mouth (under your tongue).

What are the key signs of mouth cancer?

We recommend that you talk to a medical professional if…

  • You have an ulcer than hasn’t cleared in three weeks
  • You have any unusual lumps or swelling
  • You’ve noticed red or white patches in the mouth

Where can you get more information about mouth cancer?

If you’re concerned about mouth cancer, or if you simply want to make sure you’re as well informed as possible, there are lots of resources online.

Take a look at the Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign on the Oral Health Foundation website for lots more information about risk factors, the impact of the disease and the latest statistics on Mouth Cancer in the UK.

You can also read an overview of mouth cancer and how it is treated on the NHS website.