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Preparing Your Child’s Braces for the New School Year

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It’s the start of the new school year and whether your child had a brace fitted before or during the summer holidays, we encourage you to make sure everything is still present, correct and ready to be used. We’ve put together this handy checklist, to help you as a parent, ensure that your child is fully prepared for the new school year.

For fixed braces: make sure your child knows what they can and can’t eat

If your child buys their lunch at school, you may want to have a quick chat to make sure they know what they can and can’t eat while wearing a fixed brace. Hard foods like apple, raw carrots and nuts can be bad news for braces, as can popcorn and pretzels. They’ll also want to steer clear of very chewy foods such as bagels and anything sticky, including caramel and chewing gum.

For removable retainers: check their retainer case is ready to use

A removable retainer should always be taken out before eating or drinking. It will also need to be removed before contact sports. The safest way to manage this at school is to make sure the retainer always goes safely into the retainer case once it’s taken out. Some young people like to have a spare case to keep in their school bag for this purpose.

For fixed braces: invest in a mouthguard

If your child plays contact sports at school, we’d recommend investing in a specialist mouthguard designed to be worn with braces. This will protect their teeth during game play, and will also ensure that the metal braces don’t cut the inside of their mouth in the event of a fall or a blow to the face.

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