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Are Traditional Metal Brackets Right for You?

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One of the best things about modern orthodontic treatment is how much choice there is available. Whether you’re considering orthodontics as an adult, or whether you’re looking into options for your child or teenager, there will be a whole range of options available to you.

Of course, just because there are many new types of realignment treatment to consider; that doesn’t necessarily mean that one of these newer treatments will be right for you.

Many millions of people worldwide are still turning to traditional metal brackets for their orthodontic treatment: and there are some very good reasons why.

Could a traditional metal brace be right for you? Here are some reasons why they might be.

They’re effective for everyone

Newer treatment options such as invisible braces and removable retainers aren’t suitable for all kinds of malocclusion. If your teeth alignment problems are particularly severe, you’re likely to find that metal brackets are the best option for correcting them.

They’re cost effective

Some orthodontic patients find that traditional metal brackets are a lot more affordable for them than other treatment options. It’s also worth noting here that if you’re researching options for your child or teenager, metal braces are offered on the NHS, while other treatments generally aren’t.

They can be less fuss

Many people love removable retainers, but a lot of people don’t. If you don’t want to have to take your retainer out every time you eat or drink, and then remember to put it back in again, a fixed metal brace may be a better choice for you. As an added benefit: you can’t lose a fixed brace like you can a removable one!

Want to know more about fixed metal braces for children and teenagers? Here’s some information about how they can be customised.