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Maintaining Your Smile After Braces

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Typically, everyone who chooses to have orthodontic treatment has one key thing in common: they eagerly anticipate the day their treatment will come to an end.

For those who have a fixed traditional brace or lingual brace, this means the day they’ll be able to have the appliance removed. For those who have removable retainers, they usually look forward to the date they no longer need to wear them all day every day.

We completely understand this feeling. It’s completely natural to look forward to enjoying the results of teeth realignment treatment. This is especially true for those who started with more serious alignment issues and have faced a long treatment period.

However excited you are to reach an official treatment end date, it’s important to keep in mind that your realignment treatment is unlikely to be completely finished by that point. Once your fixed brace has been removed, or you’ve been given the go ahead by your orthodontist to stop wearing your removable retainer 24/7, you’ll still need to maintain your smile.

In most cases, your orthodontist will supply you with a personalised retainer that’s exactly the right shape for your newly positioned teeth. They’ll advise you on how frequently you’ll need to wear it.

Everyone’s teeth naturally move and shift very slightly over time. This means that if you want to keep your teeth firmly in their newly aligned position, you’ll need to take care of your retainer. Wearing it according to your orthodontist’s instructions will give you the best possible chance of maintaining your new smile long term.

If you’re thinking about undergoing teeth realignment treatment, you’ll want to be sure you choose an orthodontic practice that has the most up to date resources at their disposal. You can read about the Specialist Orthodontic Group and the technology we use here.