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Toothy Questions: Will Your Retainer Give You a Lisp?

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There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to making decisions about teeth realignment treatment. Some patients are concerned about how the treatment they choose will impact on their lives. Though in many ways removable retainers have much smaller impact on your lifestyle than other fixed brace options, there are still things to keep in mind.

One of the questions we are asked most frequently about this kind of teeth realignment treatment is about what it’s like to talk while wearing a clear retainer. More specifically: will it give you a lisp?

Will your retainer give you a lisp?

Some patients do find that they experience a difference in their speaking voice when they first start wearing a retainer. This is due to their mouth feeling slightly difference with the retainer in place.

The good news is that most people will adapt quickly to this, and within a week they’ll likely find that everything is back to normal. The more you wear your retainer, and the more you speak with it in, the quicker you’ll adjust.

What can you do to speed up this process?

If you do find that you develop a bit of a lisp when wearing your retainer, give yourself some time to get used to it. You may find that this is easier to do if you slow your speaking right down.

Some people also find it helpful to practice reading out loud to themselves whilst wearing the retainer. This is a great way to help your tongue get used to the new state of your mouth, especially if you feel self conscious about the lisp.

Singing to yourself and repeating the specific sounds that you are lisping over can also be good ways to speed up the acclimatising process.

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