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Four Reasons to Choose Ceramic Brackets

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Though there are more options for teeth realignment treatment than ever before, there are still many reasons to choose traditional fixed braces.

For some people it might be because their alignment issues are on the more severe side, for others it might be a cost consideration. There is also a strong argument from some camps who prefer not to be able to remove their braces! After all, if you can’t take them out, then you can’t forget to put them back in again.

If you think that traditional fixed braces might be right for you, we’d love to talk about how you can give them a serious upgrade. Ceramic brackets are a great alternative to the usual metal brackets. They’re just as effective when it comes to realigning your teeth, but have some other great benefits too.

Here are four reasons to choose ceramic brackets.

1. They’re hardly noticeable

If you’re worried about feeling self-conscious with traditional metal braces, ceramic is an excellent alternative. The brackets are clear or tooth coloured, which means they do a much better job of blending in with your teeth.

2. They come with more discreet wires

Talking of discretion, with ceramic brackets it’s also possible to get tooth coloured wires during some stages of your treatment. These will really help your fixed braces to blend in.

3. They’re made from high quality materials

Ceramic braces are made from top quality materials. This is reassuring to know when you consider that you’re likely to be wearing them in your mouth for between twelve and eighteen months.

4. They’re stain resistant

Some patients are initially put off ceramic braces as they worry that they won’t look tooth coloured for long! Luckily, this doesn’t need to be a concern as the ceramic brackets themselves are stain resistant. You will need to be more careful with the clear elastics used to hold the wires in place, but these will be replaced every couple of months anyway.

Would you like to learn more about ceramic brackets and why they might be the right choice for you? Read our beginner’s guide here.