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Toothy Questions: Can Your Teeth Move Later in Life?

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There are a growing number of adults choosing to invest in teeth realignment treatment. Their motivations for doing this can vary hugely.

  • Many missed out on getting braces during their teenage years, though they may have needed them.
  • Some are returning to orthodontic treatment as they’re unhappy with the results of the treatment they had previously.
  • Some previous teeth realignment patients have found that their teeth have moved back into their original positions due to not wearing their post-treatment aligners as recommended.
  • A surprising number of patients are looking into teeth realignment treatment for the first time as adults as they find that they need it, when they never have before.

The reality here is that your teeth can move into poor alignment at any stage of life. As an adult, it is natural for your teeth to move and shift slightly over time. Usually this movement is so small that it’s unnoticeable. However, in some cases, it can start to become a problem.

Are there any particular risk factors?

Though most adults experience some level of teeth movement, there are cases where it can be more severe. This is likely to happen if you have lost one or more teeth, as the teeth that are left will no longer be held in position so securely.

Conditions such as gum disease can also have a big impact on your teeth alignment.

What can you do if your teeth shift position?

If your teeth have moved into a position that is no longer comfortable, makes it difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene, or makes you feel self-conscious, you may want to consider teeth realignment treatment.

In some cases, you may be able to address the alignment problem with removable retainers in as little as three to six months.

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