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Delicious Easter Recipes That Won’t Be Hard on Your Braces

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Easter is traditionally a time of family, food and celebrations. Chocolate tends to play a very big role, as do more old-fashioned treats such as eggs, Simnel cake and hot cross buns.

If you want to enjoy some tasty food indulgence over the Easter weekend without worrying that it’ll be too hard on your fixed braces, you’re in the right place.

Below we’ve put together a delicious list of Easter recipe ideas that are ideal for anyone currently undergoing teeth realignment treatment.

Low-Sugar Hot Cross Buns

We love beautifully spiced hot cross buns. Not only are these seasonal buns exceedingly tasty, they’re also soft enough to be easy to eat for brace-wearers. Why not try making your own low-sugar hot cross buns for a guilt-free Easter snack?

Here’s a great recipe to get you started.

Dark Chocolate Brownies

We hear you: it probably wouldn’t feel like Easter without a few chocolatey treats! But did you know that making a simple switch from milk to dark chocolate can make a big difference? Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can have real health benefits for teeth and gums. It also contains a lot less sugar.

Why not make the most of these health benefits by baking a batch of dark chocolate brownies for the whole family to enjoy? Here’s a recipe we think you’ll love.

Brace-Friendly Simnel Cake

Simnel cake has long been a favourite at Easter, but the sticky marzipan icing isn’t ideal for brace-wearers. Luckily, you don’t need to miss out on it all together! This simple Simnel cake recipe skips the marzipan, making the cake a much better prospect for people with fixed braces. Just as an extra pointer: you’ll want to skip the caramelised nuts too, as these are likely to be too hard on your braces.

We hope you enjoy these Easter recipes! Just remember to think of your teeth and enjoy them in moderation.

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