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Five Reasons Why Invisalign is So Popular

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Invisalign is a teeth realignment programme that’s making huge waves in orthodontics. More and more people worldwide are signing up to receive this revolutionary treatment.

Invisalign is very popular with teenagers and their parents. There’s even an Invisalign Teen programme on offer. However, what’s really interesting about Invisalign is that it’s also hugely popular with adults.

We can think of five key reasons why Invisalign has become so popular.

1. It’s invisible

Many people are put off orthodontic treatment due to the thought of having traditional braces fitted. Though they are certainly very effective, they’re not aesthetically pleasing.

Invisalign has changed this. No longer do you have to decide to compromise in the short term in order to get results in the long term. Instead you can choose a brace that will be hardly noticeable at all… though the results definitely will be!

2. It’s unobtrusive

With Invisalign, you remove the retainer before eating and drinking. This means you won’t have to make any changes to your diet in order to undergo this treatment. You can also choose to take your retainers out for sports games and big events.

3. It’s easy

Invisalign involves fewer visits to the orthodontist than a traditional brace. Instead of having to make regular trips to have your brace tightened, you’ll receive a a set of new retainers to change yourself every couple of weeks.

4. It’s quick

Results can be seen more quickly with Invisalign than with other teeth realignment programmes. In fact, for some patients it can take as little as three to six months!

5. It’s effective

Invisalign is an innovative system that’s been shown to be hugely effective. Aligners are made out of innovative materials with impressive precision, meaning that you can rest assured that you’re in the best possible hands.

Read more about the Invisalign treatment programme and what it could offer you on the Orthoclinic Borehamwood website.