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Five Fun Colour Combinations for Fixed Braces

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When you have traditional fixed braces fitted, you will be given the option of choosing coloured ligatures. If you haven’t yet brushed up on your brace terminology, ligatures are tiny elastic bands that are fitted round the metal bracket on each tooth in order to hold the wire part of the brace (the archwires) in place.

Each time you visit the orthodontist to have the archwires tightened (this will typically be every six weeks to two months) your orthodontist will need to remove and replace the ligatures as part of the process.

Ligatures come in a wide range of different colours, and each time, you’ll be able to choose which ones you’d like. You can go for a different colour combination each time, or stick with the same one if you’ve found something you really like.

If you are undergoing NHS orthodontic treatment, you’ll usually be able to choose up to two different colours for your ligatures. The options will vary depending on which clinic you visit, but generally you’ll be able to choose from some more subtly options such as clear, white, grey and silver and bolder choices such as pastel shades, metallics and neon colours. You may even find that glow in the dark ligatures are on offer!

Need some colour inspiration? Here are five fun colour combinations to get you started.

1. Red and Pink for Valentine’s Day

As it’s February, we couldn’t resist starting with a seasonal option! Why not show your love for St Valentine’s Day with a sweet combination of red and pink ligatures?

2. Blue or green, to match your eyes

If you have a distinctive eye colour, you may choose to reflect that with your ligature choices. Elastics that match your eye colour could make your eyes look even bolder.

3. Your team colours

If you’ve got a big tournament coming up, either for a team you play in or your favourite sports team, you may choose to reflect their colour choices.

4. Navy and Turquoise for brunettes

Rich colours such as navy and turquoise generally suit people with darker hair colours.

5. Purple and light blue for blondes

People with blonde hair and fairer skin tones can look great in purple and light blue.

Which colours will you choose?! We’d love to hear your colour suggestions on Twitter or Facebook.