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The Benefits of Intraoral Scanners

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When you first visit a specialist orthodontist, they will need to examine your teeth in order to consider what kind of teeth realignment treatment is right for you.

It’s not always easy to get a true idea of a patient’s teeth alignment situation just by sight. In the past, this part of the consultation would generally have involved taking impressions.

Enter the Intraoral Scanner. These very handy pieces of technology are slowly but surely revolutionising the way specialist orthodontics and dental health in general is being managed.

When their orthodontic practice is using an intraoral scanner, teeth realignment patients can rest assured that they’re set for the very best of orthodontic experiences.

The benefits of these handy pieces of kit include:


An intraoral scanner can produce a complete digital model of a patient’s teeth in under five minutes. This is great, as the quicker an orthodontist can see a model, the quicker they will be able to begin discussing treatment options.


Intraoral scanners are designed to be comfortable for patients. They involve far less discomfort than alternative model making methods such as mould taking.


Intraoral scanners may be very quick to use, but they also create highly accurate digital models. This is important as digital models need to be absolutely correct in order to be used to formulate realignment treatment plans and manufacture bespoke retainers.


Scans can also be uploaded wirelessly to a computer, meaning that orthodontists and their patients can discuss digital models straight away.

Has this piqued your interest in booking a teeth realignment consultation? Here’s some guidance on how quickly you could be able to start teeth realignment treatment.