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Famous Faces in Braces

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If you or your teenage child will be undergoing orthodontic treatment this year, you may be feeling apprehensive. It’s natural to be a bit worried about any new experience, and if you ask around you’ll soon find that lots of people feel the same before they get braces.

There are a number of ways to put your mind at ease about your upcoming teeth realignment treatment. You may find talking to your specialist orthodontist helpful, especially if you have specific concerns to address.

Alternatively, many people find that it helps to know that they are far from alone. In fact, more people undergo teeth realignment treatment every year than you might realise. And some of those orthodontic patients are highly recognisable!

We’ve collected together a selection of photos of celebrities wearing braces. Take a look at them below:

Have you spotted any other famous faces sporting braces? We’d love to see, if so. Share them with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages.