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Toothy Questions: How Quickly Could You Start Orthodontic Treatment?

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Once you’ve made a big decision, it’s natural to want to get moving on it as soon as possible. Because of this, if you’ve made the decision to undergo teeth realignment treatment in 2018; you’re probably keen to know when you can get started!

You may have heard about long waiting lists for orthodontic treatment. This can be true, but generally you will only need to wait for any length of time if you’re waiting to be funded for NHS treatment. Anyone who is over the age of eighteen when they decide to start teeth realignment treatment won’t be eligible for NHS funding. (You can read our explanation about NHS orthodontic funding here).

The good news about not being eligible for NHS treatment is that you won’t need to join a waiting list. Most specialist orthodontic practices will be able to offer you an appointment without too much of a waiting period.

Some patients choose to go ahead with teeth realignment treatment because they have a milestone event on the horizon, such as a wedding. It’s particularly important to get started with your realignment treatment if you’re hoping to have a new smile in time for a certain event as for most people it will take between 12-15 months.

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