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Traditional Festive Foods to Avoid with a Brace

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If you choose to have a traditional fixed brace, you’ll need to be a bit more mindful about what you eat. Though most foods are absolutely fine to eat while you’re undergoing teeth realignment treatment, some are best avoided altogether.

If this is your first Christmas wearing a brace, take a look at our suggestions on four traditional festive foods to give a wide berth to.


Whether you’re partial to roasted chestnuts or salted peanuts; any type of nut can be bad for braces.

If you eat hard foods such as nuts, you risk damaging some of the brackets of your brace. A damaged bracket can be painful and will require urgent orthodontic attention, which may be tricky over the festive season.

Candy Canes

Hard sweets such as candy canes can be a poor choice for brace wearers for two reasons. Firstly, biting into a candy cane could result in broken brackets. Secondly, sucking on a candy can will leave a sugary residue on your teeth, which will be more difficult to remove when you’re wearing a brace.

Mince Pies

Sticky food such as the dried fruit found in mince pies can very easily get stuck in your teeth. This is a concern for brace wearers as tiny bits of your mince pie filling can get caught in and around your brace. The longer it stays there, the more likely it is to cause plaque.

Christmas Pudding

Just like mince pies, Christmas pudding is a very sticky festive treat! It may be traditional, but do be aware that small pieces of it may cling to your brace long after you’ve finished eating it.

If you want to know which treats you will be able to enjoy over the festive season, take a look at this post from last year: Five Brace Friendly Christmas Treats.