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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Just Doesn’t Compare to Orthodontic Treatment

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If you’re looking to correct the look of your teeth, you may be wondering about the best route to get there. Orthodontic treatment comes with a whole host of benefits, but it’s not a quick fix. We’re often asked how the treatment options we offer compare to cosmetic dentistry.

The quick answer here is that the two things aren’t really comparable! Yes, cosmetic dentistry and veneers can give you the perfect smile (and often within just a couple of appointments)… but that’s all it can do.

Alternatively, teeth realignment treatment can get right to the root of the issue (pun intended) and correct it: ensuring your perfect smile is every bit as healthy as it looks.

What does orthodontic treatment offer that cosmetic dentistry doesn’t?

There is one very key difference between orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. An orthodontist will work with you to correct your alignment issues, ensuring that you are well prepared for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Alternatively, a cosmetic dentist will aim to give you a perfect-looking smile by implanting veneers. This method can make your teeth look great, but it does this by covering up the problem.

If you’re currently weighing up your options, this is something that we think you should really take into account.

Which is a more long term option?

Veneers can be a good option in the short term, but typically they don’t last as well over the long term as teeth realignment treatment. As your teeth grow and change, it’s likely that even well fitted veneers will need to be replaced. In some cases veneers can also make it difficult to maintain effective dental hygiene.

Alternatively, teeth realignment treatment is a much more long term solution. Once your teeth have been straightened with a brace, wearing a retainer as instructed by your orthodontist will help to ensure they stay in the new position long term. Properly aligned teeth are also much easier to keep clean, meaning you’re less likely to be at risk of dental problems in the future.

Want to explore your teeth realignment options? Visit the Orthokind York website to view the full list of teeth realignment treatments available.