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Five Tips for Parents of New Brace Wearers

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Getting braces has long been considered one of the big milestones of childhood. It’s very common for children and teenagers to undergo teeth realignment treatment; around 200,000 young people can be expected to start treatment each year.

If your child is scheduled to have a brace fitted soon, we’ve got some tips on how you can manage the transition.

1. Do your research 

Braces have changed a great deal in the past couple of decades. Don’t assume that your child will be limited to the same options that were on offer when you had teeth realignment treatment! Removable retainer programmes such as Invisalign Teen have really changed the game, and may be ideal for your child.

2. Prepare them well in advance

Talking about the teeth realignment treatment programme and exactly what it entails is likely to be really beneficial for your child. Some children find it helpful to see a written plan of the treatment period, including provisional dates for new retainers/brace tightening appointments.

3. Remind them what they’re aiming for

It can be really helpful to look at inspiring before and after images, such as this gallery of celebrity brace wearers. This will help to remind your child that they won’t have their braces on forever – but when they come off they will be really glad they chose to have them.

4. Plan menus carefully

If your child is being fitted with traditional fixed braces, you may need to make a few adjustments to family meal plans. Certain snacks such as apples or sticky sweets will be out altogether, while other things such as fizzy drinks and very sugary snacks should be avoided as much as possible. Check out our blog post on five foods to avoid during teeth realignment treatment.

5. Set expectations

Effectively moving teeth can be a long process! There is also likely to be some discomfort while your child get used to the feeling of having a brace. It is usually helpful to gently set your child’s expectations so that this isn’t a surprise. Just remind them that this relatively short period will be worth it!

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