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Toothy Questions: Can Braces Change Your Whole Face?

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When you choose to have braces fitted, it’s normal to expect a big change in your appearance. What you may not know, however, is that it might not just be your smile that benefits! Some teeth realignment patients find that a brace can subtly improve the look of their entire face.

In some more severe cases, malocclusions in the mouth can affect the way your whole face looks. Orthodontic issues such as overbites, underbites or serious overcrowding can cause the skin over the jaw area to sit differently than it would without the malocclusion. This can lead to asymmetry in the face.

Poor teeth alignment can also cause problems with how the jaw is aligned, which can also have a big impact on how your face looks.

For example;

  • A severe underbite can cause the chin to jut out.
  • A severe overbite can make the top lip protrude, making the cheeks look hollow.
  • Severe overcrowding can cause cheeks to look sunken-in.
  • A open bite can make it difficult for the top and bottom lips to meet properly in the middle.

One of the added benefits of teeth realignment treatment such as braces is that these types of issues are likely to be addressed.

Once your brace has slowly drawn your teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy alignment, you’re likely to notice a slight change in your facial appearance. In many cases, teeth realignment treatment will restore symmetry to the face and make everything look more in proportion. This really helps many patients to feel more confident.

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