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Benefits of Ceramic Brackets

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When you choose traditional fixed braces, there are a number of ways you can customise them to better suit you. One of the key ways you can do this is deciding whether to have metal or ceramic brackets.

Ceramic brackets have been growing in popularity over recent years. They are just as effective as metal brackets when used as part of a traditional fixed brace, but many teeth realignment patients much prefer them.

There are a number of benefits of ceramic brackets.

Ceramic brackets can make a fixed brace far less noticeable

One of the key reasons patients choose ceramic brackets is because they are transparent and blend into the colour of your teeth extremely well. There are a number of different shades of ceramic brackets available, which means your specialist orthodontist can help you to pick a shade that best matches your own teeth.

Ceramic brackets are also less noticeable because they don’t catch the light in the same way. This goes a long way towards minimising the visual impact of your braces.

Ceramic brackets are also self litigating. They require fewer visits to the orthodontist, but the key benefit is that they are usually more effective as they help teeth move quickly.

An alternative?

An alternative, self-litigating braces, are gaining in popularity. They often require less ‘chair-time’ with fewer visits to see your orthodontist and can cause less friction with your teeth. They feature a spring clip, rather than the small elastic bands usually used to attach the wire to your brace’s brackets.

Do you think that ceramic brackets might be the right choice for you? Read about the Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets we use in our specialist practices on the Orthokind York website.