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Back to School With Braces: What You Need to Know

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If you or your teenage child have started your teeth realignment journey this summer, you may be feeling a little wary of back to school season.

Adjusting to life with a brace can take time, whether it’s a fixed brace or a removable retainer such as Invisalign Teen. Managing this transition is often more straight-forward when you are at home as it’s easier to avoid certain foods and it’s less likely that a removable retainer will get misplaced.

However, starting back at school with braces is likely to be far less daunting than you’re imagining.

Here are a few things to remember:

If you have a fixed brace…

  • Pack your own snacks. Many types of snack food can be hard on braces. Avoid this by taking your own snacks with you. Smoothies, bananas, light crackers, yoghurts, grapes and vegetable crisps can all be great for this.
  • You’re not alone. You may be worried about how you look with a brace on, but please remember that you are far from alone in this. In fact, 200,000 people in the UK started teeth realignment treatment last year.

If you have a removable brace…

  • Carry a retainer case in your bag. When you need to take your retainer out to eat or drink, it’s important to make sure you have a safe and hygienic place to put it. Carrying a retainer case in your bag – and ensuring you use it – will reduce the likelihood of your brace getting dirty, broken or lost.
  • Remember to put your retainer back in! It may be tempting to not wear your retainer all the time while you’re at school. However, doing this will mean you end up wearing it for longer in the end. Remember: the indicators on your retainer will give away whether you’ve been wearing it enough or not.
  • Take your retainer out for P.E. It’s safest to take your retainer out during contact sports. Make sure you pack it away carefully in a retainer case.

If you or your child are thinking about getting braces, why not get in touch? We have four specialist practices across the UK.