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Customising Fixed Braces for Teens

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Getting a brace can be a huge milestone in any teen’s life. Though there are a range of other ‘invisible’ options such as Invisalign Teen, many young people are still fitted with traditional metal braces.

There are some key benefits to metal braces. Perhaps most importantly: they’re extremely effective. After all, there’s a reason why this style of brace has been in use for so long! Many parents also appreciate the fact that this style of brace is fixed, meaning that they don’t need to worry about their teens losing their brace or forgetting to wear it.

One of the most popular benefits of fixed braces, though, is their potential for customisation. In fact, fixed braces are the only braces that offer this, and many of our younger patients get excited about making their own mark during their teeth realignment treatment.

Each time your teen visits the orthodontist to have their brace adjusted they will need to be fitted with a new wire. This new wire will need to be connected to each metal bracket, and this is done with the help of small elastic bands called ligatures.

Ligatures come in a huge range of colours, and teens are able to choose their favourites. Teens can usually choose up to two colours per brace, but they can choose completely different ones at each appointment.

Why not experiment with:

  • Seasonal colours such as black and orange for Halloween or red and green for Christmas?
  • Your favourite sport’s teams colours?
  • Your favourite musician or band’s themed colours?
  • Matching colours with a group of brace-wearing friends?
  • Seasonal colour trends in fashion?
  • Complimentary colours for a favourite outfit or special occasion?
  • The Pantone colour of the year?

Whichever colours your teen chooses, coloured ligatures are a fun way to splash their personality on their brace.

If your teen will be being fitted for braces soon, read our post on how to prepare them for the process.