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Finding the Right Brace for You: How Important is Cost?

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The price of orthodontic realignment treatment can sometimes be the elephant in the room. If you are under eighteen and have a clear clinical need for treatment, it’s likely that the cost of your brace will be met by the NHS. If you don’t fall into this category, you will be required to meet all costs yourself.

How much does the cost vary from brace to brace?

How much your treatment costs will depend on a range of factors. The most important of these is which type of brace you choose to go ahead with.

If you have only minor alignment issues to address, a removable retainer such as Invisalign Lite could be a great option. These typically represent a much smaller outlay than a more substantial treatment programme.

Alternatively, if you have more substantial issues to address, a traditional fixed brace with metal brackets is likely to be the most affordable option. One of the great things about this type of brace is that it is suitable for almost anyone, regardless of how extensive their malocclusions are.

At the other end of the scale, lingual braces are likely to set you back around £2,500 more than standard metal brackets.

There is a more extensive breakdown of costs on the Orthokind York clinic website,

Is there a way to make it more affordable?

Most orthodontic practices will offer a range of payment schedules to make their treatment plans more accessible. You can also take advantage of our Invisalign Open Days, where we take you through the treatment in a free consultation (which would usually cost £140).

Finally, you do have the option of financial assistance from a specialist loan company such as Finance 4 Patients. A financial agreement like this could help you to spread the cost of your treatment in a way that suits you.

Take a look at our finance calculator to see how they could help.