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Lingual Braces: Why They Might Be Right For You

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Lingual braces such as Incognito braces are an excellent option for teeth realignment treatment. They’re effective, comfortable and extremely discreet.

Though lingual braces are fixed to the teeth, they’re fixed in a very different way that traditional braces. Instead of being attached to the outside of your teeth, they’re fixed to the inside lingual side of your teeth. This makes them virtually invisible.

Are you considering lingual braces? This type of brace might be right for you if…

…you’re concerned about how braces will look

Many adults who consider teeth realignment treatment are put off by the way traditional braces look. This can be a very real concern for individuals who are worried about how they will be perceived in a professional environment during their treatment. Equally, many patients are concerned about how they will navigate special occasions or dating while they are wearing a brace.

A lingual brace can remove this worry. Though lingual and Incognito braces do all the work of a traditional fixed brace, most people you come into contact with won’t even realise you’re wearing them.

…you want your treatment to be as fast as possible

The teeth realignment process takes time. This is delicate work that needs to be done in a way that is gentle, comfortable and sustainable. However, newer more advanced systems such as Incognito braces typically do all of this 30% faster than traditional fixed systems.

…you don’t want to sacrifice effectiveness

Looks and speed can be very important considerations: but that doesn’t mean that you want to sacrifice the overall effectiveness of your treatment! Unlike some other treatment options, lingual braces are generally suitable for all patients, regardless of how severe your alignment issues are.

You can find out more about lingual braces on the SW Smiles London clinic website.