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Technology in Orthodontics: Intraoral Scanners

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There has never been a more exciting time to consider orthodontic treatment. In addition to the many different teeth realignment treatment types there are to choose from today, the orthodontic industry also has a whole range of digital tools designed to make the patient experience better than ever before.

One of the newest ways that orthodontic practices like ourselves are seeking to make realignment treatment better and more pleasant for patients is by investing in intraoral scanners. These are lightweight handheld devices that enable your specialist orthodontist to create a perfect digital model of your teeth without the need for physical moulds.

Even better: intraoral scanners use wireless technology and cameras to create these virtual 3D models in real time. Your orthodontist will be able to use the device to scan your teeth, and the model will appear on the screen in front of you as you watch.

The intraoral scanners we have in our practices are the award-winning TRIOS scanners.

We’ve chosen this particular model because:

  • They’re comfortable for patients. The shape of the TRIOS scanner is designed to maximise patient comfort.
  • They are amazingly fast. Your orthodontist could scan a single arch in a few minutes.
  • Their accuracy is unparalleled. The TRIOS model has been used in a number of academic university studies.

The advantages of using this kind of technology in orthodontic practices are huge. Both orthodontists and their patients are able to enjoy the benefits of easily being able to view an accurate 3D virtual model of the patient’s teeth. This can help to better see what treatment options are advisable or available. It also helps orthodontists to explain what exactly different treatment plans will achieve, and better record progress.

But one of the key advantages must be the comfort offered from such devices. We all know moulds can be an uncomfortable experience, and puts some patients off orthodontic treatment altogether. With a scanner, this process is completely bypassed. Your treatment is comfortable, quick and precise, and that’s why we love this device.

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