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Record Taking and Model Making: How the Process Works

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Whatever type of brace you choose, it will need to be fitted to your individual teeth. Each mouth is completely unique, and your specialist orthodontist will need to make dental impressions of your mouth in order to ensure your brace is a perfect fit.

Once you have had an in-depth consultation and have decided which type of teeth realignment treatment to have, the first part of your treatment will be the making of a dental impression. This is a negative mould of your teeth which is made in a silicon blended impression material. Your orthodontist will create the mould by asking you to bite into the material.

Your specialist orthodontist will place the impression material into two curved plastic trays and you will need to bite into them one at a time, one for your upper teeth and one for your lower teeth. The trays will need to be held in place for a few seconds in order to ensure that your teeth make a perfect impression.

Once your specialist orthodontist carefully removes the curved plastic trays from your teeth, they will be left to dry and harden. These negative moulds can then be used to create detailed 3D models of your teeth, which your specialist orthodontist will use to make decisions about your teeth realignment treatment.

Depending on your individual case, you may find that your orthodontist wants to take a number of impressions of your teeth during your realignment treatment. These casts, along with any x-rays that are taken during the process, will serve of a record of your treatment and will clearly show the progress that has been made.

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