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The Orthodontic Glossary: Words You Need to Know (Part Three)

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Feeling wary about undergoing teeth realignment treatment? Whatever kind of treatment you’ve decided to go for, it’s completely normal to be a little apprehensive about the process.

Because of this, in all of our practices we will do everything we can to put you at ease. One of the key ways we do this is by ensuring that you are fully informed about what will happen during every stage of your treatment.

If you want to make doubly sure you’re prepared in advance, why not read through our glossary of orthodontic jargon? You could start with part one, part two, or read on for part three.

Rest position the natural position of the jawbone with muscles relaxed and upper and lower teeth apart.

Retainer a removable orthodontic appliance worn either during or after teeth realignment treatment.

Retention the period after teeth realignment period where you will be advised to continue to wear your retainer in order to prevent your teeth returning to their original position.

Separator an object such as a spring, wire or elastic that’s used to separate teeth.

Supraocclusion when a tooth erupts further than the gums than is normal, often because of arch irregularity or previous tooth loss.

Traction the force provided by elastics or springs as part of an orthodontic appliance.

Transposition when adjacent teeth change position.

Unilateral on one side.

Vertical elastic traction the force provided by elastics bands that are placed vertically in the mouth.

Confident that you now know your retainer from your vertical elastic traction?! If you come across any other toothy words you’re unsure of, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll explain what they mean.