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Toothy Questions: Will Wearing a Brace Affect My Speech?

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Whether you opt for traditional fixed braces, lingual braces or removable retainers, it’s reasonable to expect that there will be a period of adjustment when you first start wearing your braces. For some people the adjustment is easier than others.

In most cases, wearing your brace will feel completely normal after as little as a couple of days or a week. By this time you will have got used to the various new sensations that come with undergoing teeth realignment treatment, and you’re likely to have got used to any limitations you may experience with eating.

For some people, however, a brace can have a short term impact on your speech. Your brace will subtly change the shape of your mouth, which can have an impact on your pronunciation.

This isn’t generally cause for concern. Any impact your brace has on your speech is likely to be minimal. It’s also well worth keeping in mind that your speech changes will not be long term. They will go away completely once your teeth realignment treatment is over, though most people who experience this particular issue find that it improves long before this, generally within a couple of weeks.

Is there anything you can do about your brace affecting your speech?

  • Be patient; most brace-related speech issues will resolve on their own
  • Apply dental wax; a little extra lubrication can help your mouth and jaw to relax
  • Speak to your orthodontist; lingering speech issues might be caused by your brace being too tight
  • Practice; you may need some extra practice speaking with your new brace. Reading aloud and singing can both help you get to grips with your new mouth arrangement.

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