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Invisalign Lite: A Beginner’s Guide

One of the things that typically puts adults off undergoing teeth realignment treatment is the amount of time it takes. The usual treatment time for fixed or lingual braces can be anything from 12 to 24 months. Though the benefits generally far outweigh the treatment time, some people balk at the idea of committing to a treatment spanning three years.

What’s special about Invisalign Lite?

It’s perhaps because of this that some of the newest teeth realignment treatments on offer focus on getting the job done in significantly less time. Invisalign Lite does exactly this: it promises a straighter smile in around six months or less. It’s important to note that Invisalign Lite is designed to be effective for patients who have only minor orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, gaps, overcrowding, or small positioning or alignment problems.

What are the benefits?

The major benefit of the Invisalign Lite programme is it’s speed. The technique uses up to the minute orthodontic technology to move teeth quickly and effectively. However, there are some other major benefits too!

  • The clear retainers used during the treatment exert a much gentler pressure than previous short term treatment types, meaning the treatment is safe and just as unlikely to cause any gum or root damage as traditional orthodontics.
  • The gentle orthodontic approach is more comfortable than other options.
  • The programme is less expensive than the full Invisalign programme.

Who can have the Invisalign Lite treatment?

It’s key to mention here that not everyone will be a suitable candidate for Invisalign Lite. Invisalign Lite retainers are designed to move the front teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing position, correcting only minor orthodontic issues. The programme won’t be able to address malocclusions, bite problems or jaw alignment, so is unlikely to be right for you if you have any of these issues.

If, however, you are unhappy with the alignment of your front teeth and would like to enjoy a straighter smile in around half a year, this programme could be ideal.