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Could a Mouth Guard Stop You Snoring?

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It can be very difficult to get a proper night’s sleep when you suffer from snoring. Some people snore so loudly that they actually wake themselves up, whereas others are more likely to get an elbow in the ribs from their long suffering partners. Either way, if you’re losing sleep due to your snoring habit, you may be keen to do something about it!

In the past there were few solutions for chronic snorers. Most sufferers and their partners had few better options than to just learn to live with it. In recent decades many new products and treatments have popped up on the market. Though these products all promise relief from the disruption caused by snoring, most haven’t been able to live up to the hype. Instead, it has become very easy to spend a great deal of money on nose strips, lotions, potions and gadgets all to very little benefit.

The good news is that things are now changing. Thanks to in-depth research, the dental industry has been able to develop a simple anti snoring device that can reduce snoring or even eliminate it all together. These devices take the form of soft plastic mouth guards which are comfortable to wear and completely safe.

Anti-snoring mouth guards work by positioning the jaw. They hold the jaw slightly further forward than you would do naturally, which in turn brings the tongue forward and prevents it from falling back into the throat and blocking your airway. This very simple technique can make a huge difference to your nighttime restlessness and can help to ensure you, and everyone around you, gets a far better night’s sleep.

If you think an anti snoring mouth guard would improve the quality of your sleep, why not come and talk to us about it? All our mouth guards are custom made, so you can be sure of a perfect fit.