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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth Realignment Treatment

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There’s a lot more to orthodontics than most people realise. Below we’ve put together five things you probably didn’t know about teeth realignment treatment.

1. Teeth realignment treatment involves less discomfort than it used to

In the past orthodontists used rigid wires to attach each bracket to each other. As technologies have changed, so have the tools we use to do the job. Today orthodontists have more flexible alloy wires at their disposal which work to gently but efficiently realign teeth. Depending on the treatment, Invisalign aligners may not need to use wires at all!

2. Dental wax can help to relieve discomfort

It’s not unusual for patients to find their braces uncomfortable when they are first fitted or after they have been tightened. A damaged wire or bracket can also cause some soreness. In situations such as these, dental wax can be an excellent tool.

3. Teeth realignment can help you achieve better dental health in the future

The more severe your malocclusion, generally the more difficult it is to maintain proper dental hygiene. An uneven bite can provide lots of hiding places for bacteria, many of which will be very difficult for even the most diligent of teeth brushers to get to. Undergoing teeth realignment treatment means that it’ll be far easier to keep your teeth sparkling clean and in tip top dental health.

4. Teeth realignment treatment can change the shape of a patient’s face, jaw or cheekbones

In some cases, treating a malocclusions can also result in small changes to the shape of the patient’s jaw, face or cheekbones. Talk to your orthodontist if you think this might be the case for you.

5. Invisalign is one of the most popular aligners

Millions of people have chosen invisible braces as their choice for teeth alignment. Patients usually choose this route for comfort, both physically and psychologically. As Inivisalign is near invisible, it’s hard to tell if somebody is even wearing them. So if you don’t like the look of traditional braces, Invisalign is certainly for you!

Want to know more about the teeth realignment process and exactly what it involves? Orthodonticlinic, one of our member clinics, has an exhaustive list of FAQs on their website.