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Faster is Not Always Better: Here’s Why

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We live in a world where we can generally expect to get what we want very quickly. With fast food, next day delivery and instant downloads all available whenever we want them, it’s no surprise that we’ve become unused to having to wait for something.

Teeth realignment treatment is certainly an exception to this. Depending on your personal circumstances and the type of treatment you go for, the process can take anything up to a few years.

There are treatment types that promise a very quick turnaround. Some of these, such as six month smiles, can work well for you if you have the right type of teeth to begin with. However, when it comes to teeth realignment, faster is not always better.

The process of moving teeth is naturally a very slow one. In many cases the best way to do it is to ease teeth into a preferred position at a very gentle pace. Moving teeth gradually like this makes it far more likely that they will stay in this position.

Trying to move teeth too quickly can mean that they’re at risk of migrating back into their original position over time. It can also be bad news for your gums as faster movement can sometimes risk poor gum health.

The reality is that teeth realignment treatment is not going to be a quick fix. It often takes at least twelve months to fully correct misaligned teeth and ensure that they are properly lined up and have created a stable bite.

We believe that teeth realignment treatment is well worth the time it takes to get right. Though a twelve or eighteen month treatment period may seem like forever now, it’s a very short time compared to a lifetime of more confident smiles.

Want to find out more about the best teeth realignment programme for you and your circumstances? You can take the first steps here.