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Quick Tips for Caring for Your Retainer

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There are many reasons to choose a type of teeth realignment treatment that relies on the use of removable retainers. The Invisalign programme has become particularly popular over recent years as it gives patients to opportunity to vastly improve the look of their teeth without having to have a brace permanently fitted.

In order to get the best from your retainer, it’s wise to ensure you look after it properly!

The length of time you will need to wear a retainer will depend on your teeth as well as the type of treatment you choose. Make sure it stands up to everyday use during this period by following our quick tips for caring for your retainer:

  • Always take your retainer out to eat. Eating with your retainer in can be problematic for two reasons: firstly because it could cause damage, and secondly because food is very likely to get stuck in it.
  • Be wary of what you drink when you’re wearing your retainer. Water is fine, but some fruit juices and sugary drinks could cause damage to your retainer over time.
  • Keep your retainer in your mouth whenever you can! The safest place for your retainer to be is over your teeth. Wearing your retainer as instructed by your orthodontist is also the only way to get reliable results.
  • When you do need to take your retainer out, be sure to store it in it’s proper retainer case.
  • Brush your retainer with a toothbrush daily. We recommend adding this to your daily routine and doing it each time you brush your teeth.
  • Regularly soak your retainer in a glass of water or other liquid recommended by your orthodontist.
  • Never leave your retainer in direct sunlight as the heat could melt or warp your retainer.
  • Avoid letting your retainer get too dry. If you’re going to be leaving it out of your mouth for a long period of time, leave it to soak in water.

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