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How Often Will You See Your Specialist Orthodontist?

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When you’re thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment, you may be focused on the process of actually getting your brace fitted. Though this is certainly a big step, it’s actually just the beginning.

During your teeth re-alignment you will have regular appointments with your orthodontist. At these meetings you’ll be able to check in with your orthodontist and ask any questions you may have. The orthodontist will be able to take a look at your progress and make adjustments to your brace.

How often you need to come into to see your orthodontist will depend on your individual case. Typically you will have an appointment scheduled every month or two, but you may need to arrange more frequent appointments in certain situations.

This includes:

Your age

Younger patients sometimes need to see their orthodontist more regularly than older ones because their teeth move more easily. This is particularly true for children and younger teens, as the orthodontist will want to ensure they keep a close eye on any changes.

The type of brace you have

Different types of brace will have different requirements. Fixed braces will typically need more regular attention as your orthodontist will need to adjust them by hand. Invisible and removable retainers may be able to be delivered to your home and will therefore need to be checked less regularly.

If you’re having any problems

No matter what type of brace you have, if you’re having any difficulties you don’t need to wait until your next scheduled appointment to get them addressed. If you’re experiencing any discomfort or have any concerns at all, please get in touch with your orthodontist to arrange an earlier appointment.